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German. German. German.

Helmut Kohl is dead. The FRG is shedding its skin. The rapidly-changing world, the hazy uncertainty of the German people, the present has to be quelled and captured with art. Is this still satire or already revolution? Together with Jan Bömermann we pose these questions in a  specially conceived and implemented exhibition in the NRW-Forum Düsseldorf between 24th November 2017 and 4th February 2018. In the autumn of the mega re-election year the status quo in Germany was cemented for our chancellor, with assistance from augmented reality, leisure park models, hetzkeks-vending machines and a travelling exhibit which explored the question “if all this is real and not nonsense then what sort of time & country & world are we living in anyway?”

Fotos © Felix Obermaier, Anne-Cathrine Mosbach


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