Get Well Soon – The Horror

Web Series • Fiction • Design & VFX

Mankind alone is scary enough.

There are people who are scared of nightmares and then there’s Konstantin Gropper. “I actually enjoy having bad dreams,” said the brains behind Get Well Soon. With “The Horror” he has brought out an album that sounds much more like a dark soundtrack. No wonder: “I have spectacular dreams so rarely, that these kinds of nightmares are like gifts of inspiration for me.” I wake up and think: I’ve got to make a song out of that.” He processed three of the most confusing dreams and created an entire album full of orchestral music about the fear surrounding them. To make the whole thing even more cinematic there aren’t typical music videos for this filmscore-pop, but a whole series. For this Phillip Käßbohrer teamed up with director Jan Bonny and interpreted and staged the horror in a human, but no less disturbing way.


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