Billionaire’s Game — The Secret World of the Super Rich

Documentary • Documentary

The wealth of Germany’s billionaires tends to be invisible. Even though it is growing all the time. We wanted to know: What is it like to be so immensely rich? Is it fair that a few have so much more than the others? And what do the super-rich have to say about the growing outrage? For a whole year, our team led by author Julia Friedrichs and presenter Jochen Breyer conducted research and tried to gain an insight into the world of the super-rich. We did not want to just speak about them, but with them. The 45-minute documentary shows what we found out.

Produced for
Directed by
Christoph Eder
Written by
Julia Friedrichs
Jochen Breyer
Michael Schmitt
Jochen Breyer
Esther Schweins



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