The Berlin Apartment

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The Berlin Apartment (AT) is a first-person exploration adventure game for PCs and consoles. It is currently in development.

The Berlin Apartment is told in the form of a short story collection, largely in independent individual stories, similar to the episodic-film genre and from the first-person perspective. In several episodes and over a period of 120 years players experience the story of an apartment in Berlin. Each episode is clearly different from the others – with its own protagonists, in its own genre, with different atmospheres and visualities.

Exploring the apartment is the focus of the game. The Berlin Apartment does without classic, genre-typical puzzles – the stories are instead told through the staging and design of the apartment itself. It is the pieces of furniture, everyday objects and traces of the residents that recount the events in the apartment, while the view out of the window provides a glimpse of historical Berlin.


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