Dino Dino

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Dinosaurs have been known to humans for around 200 years. In this time the image of dinosaurs has changed often – but the fascination for the giants of this ancient time remains unwavering. Dino Dino is an app for all hobby-researchers aged four years or older and is aimed at pre-school children, in order to bring them closer to the dinosaur world through games. Information is made accessible for all little discoverers in approachable and easy to understand mini-games. The extensive voice recordings in 11 different languages make sure that the app can also be used by children on their own.

Dino Dino was developed by btf’s Games Department in collaboration with the Paläontologische Gesellschaft (Paleontology society). All content is based on the latest knowledge and represents the current research around the former inhabitants of our planet. The content is also constantly updated.



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