Bilderbuch – Frisbeee

Music Video • Design & VFX

Bild meets Bild

Together with Bilderbuch, who don’t want to give up on reinventing German-language pop music, a magical disc fantasy was created or the song “Frisbeee”. In it ideas from the accompanying album “Vernissage My Heart” (Private viewing of my heart) are processed and the band are offered a playground between dream sequence, space journey, drug trip and global conspiracy. At the same time questions are raised and only partially answered: Is the Earth a disc? What’s under its surface and what have armored reptiles got to do with it? “Outtaspace-cowboys ride frisbees through the night and I realize again. My Earth is flat.”

This fantasy came into reality on one day of shooting at Studio König with the help of a well-rounded mixture of production design, projection, VFX as well as costume madness, held together through illustrations from the Austrian artist Mafia Tabak, who also created the cover for “Vernissage My Heart”.


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