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Constance is a Metroidvania with puzzle and jump’n’run elements. The focus is on exploration, combat, and riddles. It is currently in an early stage of development and will be released for PCs and consoles.

The game’s story is about the name-giving protagonist Constance, who one day mysteriously finds herself imprisoned by her inner demons in her subconscious.
Players take on the role of Constance and help her face these demons and fears, overcome her mental blocks and strengthen her acceptance and awareness, so that she can develop the strength and balance to leave her inner prison behind. The game’s visual style is defined by detailed hand-drawn environments and frame-by-frame animations of the characters that lend the game world a deep and lively atmosphere.

The game deals with themes of mental health, creativity, art, passion and work culture. The worlds are diverse, imaginative, and filled with dangers, puzzles, obstacles, and unique characters, all waiting to tell players their own little stories.



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