How to Tatort

Mockumentary • Fiction • Documentary

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“Cashews aren’t nuts!”

Commissioned by Radio Bremen, this exclusive mockumentary came into being for the new ARD media library, which takes a very very realistic glimpse behind the scenes of Germany’s most successful criminal format. A chronically hyper director, a speechless interpreter, a dangerous stunt man and plenty of mysterious advice from established Tatort-stars: The path to becoming an investigator is not easy for Bremen-Tatort newcomers Jasna Fritzi Bauer, Luise Wolfram and Dar Salim.

Under the direction of Pia Hellenthal based on the scripts of head author Sebastian Colley, together with Tarkan Bagci and Dennis Eick, the six part series guides the three new investigators through fictitious preparation for their future major roles. The production took place in August and September 2020 under the appropriate hygiene and protection measures in Cologne and Bremen. “How to Tatort” is available to watch in six roughly 12-minute episodes exclusively in the ARD media library.

Produced for
Directed by
Pia Hellenthal
Written by
Sebastian Colley

Tarkan Bagci
Dennis Eick
Luise Wolfram
Jasna Fritzi Bauer
Dar Salim


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