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What do an alien, a conspiracy theorist and Brigitte Macron have in common? Well aside from a few questionable life decisions, they promise – as portrayed by Maren Kroymann – punchlines that make you laugh, but also hurt sometimes. With its boundlessly funny take on all manner of politically and socially relevant topics, the ARD sketch comedy series “Kroymann” always maintains its characteristic satirical and feminist edge. Maren Kroymann is helped in doing so not only by her unfailing and biting humor, but also by familiar and new faces in all kinds of surprising guest appearances. And of course with the help of a few assistants from btf.

Executive Producers: Philipp Käßbohrer & Matthias Murmann

Producers: Jule Everts, Sanja Pijanovic, Miriam Mose

Produced for
Directed by
Micha Binz
Sven Nagel
Julia Hüttner
Felix Stienz
Pia Hellenthal
Alma Buddecke
Nico Berse
Benny Fischer
Written by
Maren Kroymann
Sebastian Colley
Claudius Pläging
Jana Fischer
Mariella Tripke
Fabienne Hurst
Michael Schilling
Chris Sommer
Doris Müller
Albrecht Schrader
Friedemann Weise
Maren Kroymann

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