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For another Neo Magazin Royale special, the public service’s educational mandate was taken very seriously. In this fiction production for ZDF/ZDFneo there are 45 minutes of film, in which thoroughly unadorned but realistic interpretations of classics by Fontane to Goethe are presented from a modern perspective. We dug deep into the costume and special effects box and of the who’s who of the German acting world is on hand every second.

Effie Briest

Do you believe that the worst love tragedy happened in October 2016 with the announcement of the break-up of Sarah and Pietro Lombardi and the then resulting fight over who was the slut and who was the normal person? In the year 1896 a similarly bad, only a little more boring love story took place between the virginal Effi and the filthy pleasure baron Geert von Innstetten. It already goes without saying that back then the slut was the woman.


Faust – could be the title of a modern boxing film in which rappers slug out their beef, however takes place in the year 1800 and is a work of that Fukju Goethe, in which an old, narcissistic academic in a mid-life crisis scores a hot, young girl with help from the devil. A bit like Lugner. But the necessary sweetness in the story is not provided by Mausi, Hasi, Katzi, Bambi or Spatzi, but instead by a poodle. Seems legit.

The Physicists

The classic from Dürrenmatt is supposedly meant to be a comedy: a trio of crazed men with personality disorders (sort of Trump, Putin and Kim Jong-un, just in the 60s) kill their nurses in an insane asylum, one after the other. The police investigate. Doesn’t sound particularly funny and wasn’t either. Until now.

The Metamorphosis

Sophisticated entertainment on the RTL2-level from 1912, written by Franz Kafka. A family drama with funny degenerates, including a small pinch of love, cockroach infestation and domestic violence – the authors of Wife Swap couldn’t have done it better.


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