King of Stonks

Netflix Series • Fiction

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Felix Armand wants to make it to the top. He wants to be CEO of the biggest fucking FinTech company in Europe. But unfortunately, everything blows up in his face during the IPO: money laundering, investor deception, internet pornography. At the same time, he has to take care of everything. Meanwhile, his megalomaniac boss Magnus enjoys the limelight. And on top of all that, Felix falls in love with the very woman he urgently needs to stay away from: The short-seller Sheila Williams.

Executive Producers: Philipp Käßbohrer, Matthias Murmann, Jan Bonny

Producing: Judith Fülle

Produced for
Directed by
Jan Bonny

Facundo Scalerandi
Isabell Šuba
Written by
Philipp Käßbohrer

Jan Eichberg
Fabienne Hurst
Mats Frey

Jan Bonny
Jan Eichberg
Mats Frey
Béatrice Huber
Fabienne Hurst
Philipp Käßbohrer
Isaiah Michalski
Matthias Murmann
Thomas Schubert
Matthias Brandt
Larissa Sirah Herden
Sophia Mercedes Burtscher
Altine Emini
Andreas Döhler


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