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Knowledge is fun

The best entertainment for fans of critical thinking: In the somewhat scientific show Dr. Mai Thi Nguyen-Kim deals with exciting topics that affect us all without any fuss or bang – fact-based, emotional and entertaining. Produced in close cooperation with a science editorial team, in each 30 minutes facts and research results are brought to the viewers with the help of a large LED wall and a touch of humor.

Cameos, commentaries by experts and a scientifically based online support complete the show and hopefully replace the old VHS educational videos in schools as soon as possible.

12 Episodes per year. Since 2021.

Executive Producer: Philipp Käßbohrer, Matthias Murmann

Producing: Hanna Käßbohrer, Sara Lienemann

Produced for
Dr. Mai Thi Nguyen-Kim

Aminata Belli
Hazel Brugger
Oliver Welke
Eva Schulz
Leon Windscheid
Salwa Houmsi
Written by
Dr. Mai Thi Nguyen-Kim
Patrick Stenzel (Head-Writer)
Katharina Adick (Head-Writer)
Max Bierhals
Antje Heidböhmer
Jana Fischer
Adrian Wolf
Doris Müller
Andreas Spinrath
Fabienne Hurst
Nora Burgard-Arp
Sara Lienemann
Kevin Brüssel
Hannah Pfeiffer
Kerstin Gründer
Thora Schubert
Max Bierhals
Katjana Gerz


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