The Night Before

Fiction • Fiction

New Year’s Eve, just before the big bang: Bettina (Anke Engelke) and Martin (Matthias Brandt) are locked together in the vestibule of a bank branch due to a technical defect. They just briefly wanna withdraw money, but then their EC card gets stuck in the machine. Of course: at night and on New Year’s Eve of all nights, half an hour before midnight. Both try to get out of this predicament in time for the zero hour. Anke Engelke and Matthias Brandt are working together for the first time for this 30-minute chamber play. A story about friendship, coincidences and one’s own inability to accept life as one has decided to shape it.

Produced for
Directed by
Erik Haffner
Written by
Claudius Pläging
Max Bierhals
Anke Engelke
Matthias Brandt
Franziska Ferrari



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