Another Night Before

Comedy Series • Fiction
Anke Engelke and Matthias Brandt already shone as Bettina and Martin in the first “The Night Before”. Now the story gets another part, which - surprise - also takes place on New Year's Eve.

A year has passed since the two of them involuntarily celebrated New Year's Eve together at the Moosbacher Bank. A lot has happened since then. Bettina has been voted out as mayor and Martin is under more stress than ever in his company. Did the arranged meeting between “Boss-Betty” and “Doofmann” take place?

On New Year's Eve, both of them unexpectedly appear at the Moosbach New Year's Eve party in the local gym and immediately get into a conflict with other party guests, as well as a situation they are already familiar with.
Produced for
Directed by
Michael Binz
Written by
Claudius Pläging
Anke Engelke
Matthias Brandt
Julika Jenkins
Thorsten Merten
Tina Seydel
Enno Kalisch

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