ARD Sportschau Confed Cup 2017

TV Show • Design & VFX

The animated has to go into the corner

During the period of the FIFA Confederation Cup in 2017 in Russia, high speed recordings of color powder explosions were conceived and designed for use on the LED and augmented reality surfaces as part of Sportschau.

The ARD studio in Baden Baden offered a playful panorama through the large LED wall, which created an eye-catching center. On the one hand, this window served as an augmented space, which – detached from the informal design of Sportschau – put a spatial composition of high speed clouds, soccer stadiums and soccer players into the limelight. The less concrete forms of the color powder explosions and the bodies of the soccer players condensed into a hybrid sculpture between static and movement.

Furthermore the livestreams of the game locations, as well as the majority of the created soccer analysis graphics could be presented in a visually exciting way, without distracting from the informative content itself.

Produced for
Das Erste

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