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“Gute Arbeit Originals” brings together the best of 30 years of black metal and four years of llama breeding. Optimal conditions for an “online only” -comedy channel on Facebook, YouTube and Twitter! The sketch show was created and is presented by Katjana Gerz (figure skater and selfie-lobbyist) as well as Florentin Will (Masterclass alumni and working philosophy student). On the channel the duo race through different worlds and situations. It can be absurd, strange and sometimes even disconcerting. Ideally however above all else it’s funny, somehow. The whole thing is then garnished with a pinch of improvisation and ill-fitting, but very well made wigs. The comedy potpourri is complete.

It was conceived and produced by btf in and around Cologne, with a strong focus on the digital target group exclusively for funk, the new young programme from ARD and ZDF.

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