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Get spied on!

The first feature-length spin-off show from the longstanding segment from Neo Magazin Royale was aired for the first time in April 2018. As the title reveals, this show is full of surprises. Not always, but following the initial shock, mostly to the delight of those being surprised. Just as with Neo Magazin, everything is produced entirely in our btf “Studio König” in Cologne-Ehrenfeld.

The audience are legally “spied on” by our editing team online in advance, using just the small amount of data they provided while buying tickets. This is however already enough to see years into their past and to call them out on the show. With assistance from Facebook, Amazon wishlists or also online reviews from various other online platforms it’s thus possible to create absurd, unique and more than entertaining studio action, which even has a small learning effect: be careful what you reveal about yourself and where. And those who show a willingness to learn, can even come away from it with an attractive prize in the end.

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