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Docupy occupies socio-political topics in documentary form in films and online. For six months, multiple reporters focussed on one topic from different angles. After “Ungleichland” (land of inequality) and “Heimatland” (homeland), the third series is about digitalisation:”Neuland (new land)-  who has the power online?” Is our data the new gold? How does the internet influence our lives, our society, politics, business and our relationships?

Whether interviews in the Bundestag, quirky apps or opinion-forming hashtags and Instagram stories – Docupy is an online format which informs and highlights societal issues without lecturing. To do this, btf worked together with a team of online artists, film authors, researchers, graphic designers, editors, cinematographers and directors from the start. At the end of the six months of online promotion there is an elaborately produced documentary which explores the subject in great detail on ARD, WDR and Mediathek.

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