Fool Me — How much of an impostor are you?

Paramount+ Documentary • Documentary

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Sophisticated con artists always manage to relieve people of astronomical sums of money and make them do things they would not have thought possible. This is because they are masters in manipulating victims, the environment, and the public. But how do they succeed? How do they create the supposedly perfect deception? Are we so easily blinded?

The first German Paramount+ Original documentary Fool Me deals with impostors and dares an exciting experiment: Is it possible to train two ordinary people with a team of experts to become impostors, who then have to prove themselves at a real Entrepreneurs Ball as a supposed millionaire heir and start-up founder?

Produced for
Directed by
Nicolas Berse
Written by
Ole Siebrecht
Sonja Veelen, Stefan Verra, Volker Busch, Marvin Wildhage, Matthew Cox

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