KROYMANN — Is she still tenable?

Comedy Special • Fiction

In addition to the many awards with which Maren Kroymann has already been honored in 2023, there also is a TV gala in honor of the artist in this KROYMANN special. But nothing here is as it seems. As soon as Maren enters the backstage area, misfortune takes its course and she realizes: this is not just an anniversary show, but rather her farewell party – but no one dares to tell Maren. No more roles as a woman over 70? Maren is not alone in this; many female colleagues have suffered this fate much earlier. But they haven’t gone away, they have joined forces and are ready to speak out. Maren joins them: for a future in show business without being sidelined at an old age.

Directed by
Sophie Averkamp
Written by
Sebastian Colley
Maren Kroymann
Katrin Bauerfeind
Hazel Brugger
Gesine Cukrowski
Denise M'Baye
Annette Frier
Meret Becker
Juliane Köhler
Palina Rojinski
Ilonka Petruschka
Thekla Viloo Fliesberg
Hannah Gharib
Michaela May
Eleonore Weisgerber
Liz Baffoe
Petra Zieser
Isabel Trimborn
Tanja Schumann
Jutta Speidel
Cordula Stratmann
Dagmar Sachse
Ann-Kathrin Kramer
Elisabeth Clarke-Hasters
Petra Nadolny

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