Terra X – Fascination Germany — The Trail of Water & The Path of Fire

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Fire and water act as creators and destroyers in equal measure in Germany. Over millions of years, they have shaped iconic landscapes – long before humans appeared. In the documentary series “Terra X”, Jasmina Neudecker, with experts’ help, devotes herself to deciphering the power of these elements and their enduring significance in the Season of “Fascination Germany”. While searching for clues, she explores the reasons for the remarkable parallels to tourist attractions in faraway countries. The first episode deals with the “Trail of Water”, episode two with the “Path of Fire”.

“Fascination Germany” marks btf’s first production for “Terra X”, Germany’s renowned brand for science documentaries. The series has been on air since 1982 and is one of the most successful documentary formats by broadcaster ZDF. It enjoys a high reputation worldwide within this genre.

Produced for
Directed by
Max Langenfeldt
Written by
Tamar Baumgarten
Susanne Rostosky
Jasmina Neudecker



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