Neo Ragazzi

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Ciao Ragazzi – Let’s talk again! Sophie Passmann and Tommi Schmitt invite you to their new joint talk show “Neo Ragazzi”: It’s about good entertainment, not calculated confrontation or solving the big controversial debates. Sophie Passmann and Tommi Schmitt have set themselves the goal of bringing the entertainment factor back into the talk show landscape. The conversation will focus on the commonalities and differences among the four guests, personal anecdotes, and surprisingly intimate insights beyond the usual talk show clichés. What’s unexpected are also the guest combinations on ‘Neo Ragazzi,’ where established entertainment figures meet up-and-coming actors, successful athletes, young internet stars, as well as behind-the-scenes movers and shakers. The main focus of the talk is the shared enjoyment of the conversation. In addition, no wishes are left unfulfilled in the colorful studio with a dolce vita feeling: everything is produced in-house with loving attention to detail. The production location is our Studio König in Cologne-Ehrenfeld.

Stills: Ben Knabe

Produced for
Sophie Passmann
Tommi Schmitt
Gülcan Kamps
Johannes B. Kerner
Mrs. Bella
Ski Aggu


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